That was the day

Иако сакав во текот на јули да објавувам по само еден напис неделно, сепак ова мора да се објави и да се сподели (а и да остане архивирано тука). Ова е одговор од Стивен Хејз за Буџинкан во седумдесетите. Еве како било и како би требало да биде:

“In the 1970’s, Masaaki Hatsumi awarded ranks in Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu. Fourth was highest that could be earned through training (or honorarily, as in the case of Sonny Chiba). Only a few like Manaka, Tanemura, and Ishizuka had a 5th, having passed the sword test, and in those days there was no mention of any possible ranks higher than 5.

In the 1970’s, back in the ninjutsu training days, we wore white keiko-gi training suits with no rank white belt until 3rd kyu, At 3rd kyu we were authorized to wear a black suit with black belt (even though shodan was still 3 promotions away – belt color had no special meaning). Kanji for Togakure Ryu Nin-po was embroidered in silver thread on the black belt.”

Пренесено е во оригинал, а доколку некој има проблем со преводот, слободно нека ми се обрати за да го преведам.